Joe Mazzola


Guided By Intuition

Inspired by American mid-century design and manufacturing, Eastworks Detroit collects re-purposes, and re-invents iconic American items into beautiful functional and non-functional art objects. Working out of my home studio and using mainly hand tools objects are up-scaled into industrial steampunk inspired pieces. Although some items are similar most are hand made one of a kind. Guided by my intuition and my own personal aesthetic, the work reflects my quest to meld wonder, beauty and function into three dimensional art.

Types of Art

Inspiration can strike anywhere and in in any form.  However, Eastworks Detroit has established a repertoire by creating pieces such as:

  • Repurposed Antique Speakers
  • Fan Lamps
  • Pipe Lamps
  • Assemblage Sculpture
  • Crows
  • Embellished Guitars
  • Vintage Gauge Wristbands
  • Flowers
  • Hybrid Pipe / Fan Lamps